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Foreign Policy Focus – Emergence of Conservative Nationalism Ideology Signals the End of American Leadership at NATO (2-2024)

Project 2025: A Plan to Overthrow Democracy (1-2024)

Judicial Activism in the U.S. Supreme Court (11-2023)

Broken U.S. Immigration Policy – The Great Distraction Issue (10-2023)

Eroding Trust in Our Judiciary (10-2023)

Biden Accomplishments (9-2023)

GunsHow Free is FL Series (8-2023)

Homeowners’ Insurance – Good Governance Series

Big Bamboozles by the GOP (6-2023)

National Healthcare UpdateGood Governance Series (6-2023)

Book BansHow Free is FL Series (6-2023)

K-12 Censoring Public EducationHow Free is FL Series (6-2023)

Bonfire of the VanitiesHow Free is FL Series (5-2023)

Higher EducationHow Free is FL Series (5-2023)

National Debt & Entitlements – Debt Ceiling (4-2023)

AbortionHow Free is FL Series (4-2023)

Affordable Housing UpdateGood Governance Series (4-2023)

Affordable HousingGood Governance Series (3-2023)