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How ‘Free’ Is Florida? Depends On Who You Are

Florida’s far-right Republican majority continues to enact culture-war policies that further marginalize large percentages of Floridians. 

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his loyalists in the state legislature have followed an authoritarian and fascist playbook, waging war on immigrants, women’s reproductive freedom, and minorities, targeting LGBTQ Americans, purging voters, banning books in schools, dictating what educators can say about LGBTQ families, racism, and other critical elements of American history. They’ve abused state power to vindictively punish businesses and anyone else who disagrees with their policies, have supported a white nationalist agenda, and are waging war on higher education – taking over private institutions, banning equity and diversity programs, and replacing professional educators with party-loyalists. They are attacking free speech, freedom of the press, and have proposed a “trolling” bill that would effectively eliminate the Democratic Party.

These anti-democratic (anti-democracy) policies are also affecting Collier County, where our County Commissioners and school board (a non-partisan body of professional educators that was taken over by partisan Republican loyalists in the last election) encourage many of these same tactics on a local level. Loyalists benefit while all disagreement is marginalized and stamped out.

In Florida, you’re ‘free’ if you are a wealthy, white, Christian, heterosexual, male loyal to DeSantis and the Republican Party. For everyone else, freedom is meted out according to the latest culture war legislation from a group of far-right extremists dictating their version of “freedom.”

This is not remotely the freedom for all that our founders fought for and immortalized in our Constitution.

To fight these culture-war policies that deflect from the REAL issues affecting Floridians:  affordable housing, environment, gun safety, housing insurance, education, reproductive freedom, and more



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