Newsletter, Collier County Florida Democratic Party

October 2023


Jane Schlechtweg
Collier County Democratic Party Chair

Letter from the Chair

The 2023 Florida Democratic Party State Convention is October 27-29 at the Rosen Center, Orlando. The weekend will host Democratic delegates for trainings, meetings, receptions, general sessions, a fundraising dinner, and more!

This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in the process of developing the Florida Democratic Party.

Delegate registration is available online on until October 6. All interested attendees are required to submit the filing form and a nonrefundable filing fee of $60.

Any Florida registered Democrat may apply to be a delegate in the county where they are registered or as a member of a state Democratic caucus. You must choose either a county or caucus to be affiliated with.

Delegate positions may be limited, so those interested in attending are encouraged to register early. On-site registration during the State Convention weekend October 27-29 may be limited.

If you have questions please contact me at

Jane Schlechtweg
Collier County Democratic Party Chair

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Letter from the Vice Chair

Who stands for justice?

A key pillar of democracy is the rule of law, where all citizens are treated equally and held accountable to the same standard. Adherence to the rule of law fulfills the natural human desire for fairness and justice. Equal justice means that whether you are rich or poor, powerful or powerless, you will be treated equally in the eyes of the law.

For the rule of law to succeed, citizens must accept the outcomes of our legal system when charges are brought and verdicts are rendered. When our friends or allies are charged we have a natural tendency to defend them and attack their accusers. But true supporters of the rule of law resist these urges and instead stand on principle, saying “let’s wait for the case to play out”, and “innocent until proven guilty”.

Which brings us to recent news. On September 21, Democratic senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey was charged with multiple counts of public corruption. Senator John Fetterman and New Jersey governor Phil Murphy are already calling for his resignation. No Democrat is attempting to obstruct the investigation, defund the justice department, or make personal attacks against prosecutors.

Contrast this with Republicans, the so-called ‘party of law and order’. They reflexively are defending their presumptive presidential candidate against a multitude of credible charges. Republicans controlling the House of Representatives have already held hearings and are attempting to use the levers of government to discredit prosecutors and derail legal cases. Their disdain for the rule of law is on full display.

Who do our elected officials represent?

The Florida legislature has spent the last six years rubber-stamping ever more extreme partisan bills in service of the governor’s presidential ambitions. Permitless carry with no training, an all-out assault on the LGBTQ community, the takeover of public colleges, and cruel immigration policies are all red meat aimed at Republican primary voters. But it isn’t working. DeSantis’ dismal poll numbers show that he has no chance of becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

The trouble is that these actions are causing real and lasting damage to our state. Most notable is the mass exodus of immigrants, both documented and undocumented. This is already causing severe labor shortages in the agriculture, construction, and hospitality industries. Consumers will see the impact at the grocery store and in long wait times for new construction and roof repair.

With the 2024 state legislative session looming, it remains to be seen how much sway the governor will have as a failed presidential candidate. Hopefully, the legislature will reassert its independence and work to serve the people of Florida rather than one man’s ambition.

What can you do right now?

Sign the abortion petition. An overwhelming majority of Floridians agree that the government has no place in women’s reproductive healthcare. Putting reproductive rights on the ballot will energize those voters and get more Democrats to the polls.

Request your mail ballot today. You can still vote in person if you prefer, but Florida Democratic Party chair Nikki Fried explains why it’s important. Right now, only 12% of Democrats in Collier County are signed up. Do your part and sign up today!

Adam Molny
Vice-chair, Collier County Democratic Party


More from Chair Schlechtweg

We are now 13 months from the November 2024 election. While Republican distractions and partisan battles make national headlines and some Democrats are fretting about Biden’s age and polling numbers, it is essential that we, the Democratic Party in Collier County, maintain the focus on the tangible accomplishments of the Biden/Harris administration. Since taking office, President Biden and Vice President Harris have made significant strides in various areas, such as lowering the cost of families’ everyday expenses, infrastructure development, and historic student debt relief for middle-and working-class families. It’s crucial that we prioritize these achievements, as they reflect the administration’s commitment to addressing pressing issues and improving the lives of Americans.

The newest Biden/Harris initiative came at the end of September. It will create thousands of jobs for young adults while addressing the climate crisis. According to, “The American Climate Corps will put a new generation of Americans to work conserving our lands and waters, bolstering community resilience, advancing environmental justice, deploying clean energy, implementing energy efficient technologies, and tackling climate change. American Climate Corps members will gain the skills necessary to access good-paying jobs that are aligned with high-quality employment opportunities after they complete their paid training or service program.”

On a totally unrelated subject but one of immense importance, the Collier County School board is beginning the process of creating a 5-year strategic plan. The more input there is, the better the future plans that can be built. The school board is asking for community participation through a 3-5 minute process. Each month, from now till December, they will ask one question and gather feedback. It’s incredibly important that our rational voices are heard by the CCPS strategic planning committee. Please click HERE to join the process.

Collier County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) Meetings


The DEC is the local official arm of the Florida Democratic Party and is comprised of elected Committeemen and Women. Official meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM.


The next meeting is October 4, 2023

at Democratic Party Headquarters

600 Goodlette-Frank Rd # 110, Naples, FL 34102

Please register to attend.

Registered Democrats may attend and observe as guests and must register ahead of time. Only DEC members may vote and participate in the meeting. Attendees are encouraged to join 10 minutes early to get settled before the meeting begins.

Mark your calendar and RSVP now for Happy Hour in the Garden at Ridgway,

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 – 4:00 to 6:00 pm

Join fellow Democrats for a lively evening at this popular spot in Old Naples!

Save the Date!

Mark your calendars for our flagship event in 2024! Join your fellow Democrats for a fun evening of food, drink, guest speakers, and a silent auction. Tickets will go on sale later this year.

When: Saturday, March 2, 2024 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Where: Hilton Naples, 5111 Tamiami Trail N, Naples FL, 34103

Some photos from the 2022 Gala:

I Want to Host a House Party!


Get to know your neighbors and support the Collier County Democratic Party by hosting a house party. These meet-and-greet events are a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and raise money for a good cause. Here in heavily Republican Collier County, we often feel like blue dots in a sea of red. Rest assured, you are not alone! For instance, the picture at left shows all the Democrats living in the Vineyards. We can create a similar map for your community that lets you reach out to your Democratic neighbors. Make new friends and show your support for Democrats!




How it works

We provide you with:

  • A list of Democrats in your HOA, condominium, or housing development
  • Invitations – typically RSVP postcards with pre-printed mailing labels
  • A guest speaker
  • Assistance with setup and cleanup

You provide:

  • A place to host the party – typically your home or clubhouse
  • Food and beverages for your guests

For more information, contact Fundraising Committee Chair Adam Molny: 631-672-9386

I Want to Host a House Party!

Noticias Políticas Para Hispanos y Latinos

Iniciativas del Partido Demócrata durante el mes de septiembre 2023

Consejo Escolar (School Board) de Collier County

Planificación Estratégica Para los Años Escolares 2024-25 al 2028-29

Las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Collier están comenzando el proceso para el desarrollo de un plan estratégico de cinco años que incluirá el establecimiento de las principales metas del distrito para los años escolares 2024-25 al 2028-29.

Solicitan que los miembros de la comunidad (particularmente padres, personal y estudiantes) participen respondiendo a una serie de preguntas que se publicarán durante los próximos cuatro meses en el siguiente sitio web.

Las preguntas se publicarán, una a la vez. La primera pregunta se publicó el 21 de septiembre y se cerrará el 4 de octubre.

El Partido Demócrata del Condado de Collier urge a todos los miembros de la comunidad a participar dada la importancia de este plan estratégico para el futuro de nuestra comunidad y su sistema de educación pública.

La importancia de este plan estratégico queda subrayada por los principales problemas y desafíos que enfrentan las escuelas públicas de Collier County y la educación pública en el Estado de Florida. Estos se han visto agravados por las controvertidas leyes de educación promulgadas durante los últimos años por una legislatura de Florida, dominada por una mayoría del Partido Republicano, y el gobernador DeSantis, el gobernador republicano, así como por las cuestionables acciones ejecutivas tomadas por el respecto la educación pública.

Monitoreo de la Propuesta Para Implementar una Invocación Religiosa Oficial a Sesiones del Consejo Escolar

El Partido Demócrata de Collier County ha estado vigilando la propuesta del Señor Jerry Rutherford, miembro de la junta, para agregar una invocación religiosa al comienzo de cada reunión de la Junta Escolar (School Board) de Collier.

Esta propuesta responde a una iniciativa promulgada por voceros del movimiento de la extrema derecha del partido republicano que propone que la actual practica de comenzar las reuniones de consejos escolares con un momento de silencio, sea reemplazada por una invocación religiosa oficial. El fin de ellos, es requerir que cada sesión diaria de los colegios públicos también tendrá que comenzar con una invocación similar.

La Primera Enmienda de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos no solamente permite a ciudadanos la libertad de ejercer cualquier religión que cada uno elija, pero también previene al gobierno de oficialmente reconocer o favorecer cualquier religión. Esta separación del estado y la iglesia ha sido un principio fundamental de la democracia de los Estados Unidos desde su independencia en 1776.

El Partido Demócrata del Condado de Collier está en contra de la propuesta antes mencionada. Aunque esta propuesta aún no se ha incluido en la agenda de una futura reunión de la Junta Escolar, si y cuando esta propuesta se considere oficialmente, el Partido Demócrata del Condado de Collier, a través de sus representantes, expresará su fuerte oposición a la propuesta dadas sus implicaciones adversas, consecuencias y su violación de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos.

Monitoreo de la Propuesta Para Implementar una Política de Enseñanza Prohibiendo Ideologías Antiamericanas y Anti-Dios, Dado el Intento de Estas Acabar con la Constitución de los Estados Unidos y Dañar la Cultura Estadounidense

El Partido Demócrata de Collier County también está vigilando la propuesta del Señor Jerry Rutherford, miembro de la junta, para adoptar una política para el currículo educacional cuyo fin, según el, es combatir ciertas ideologías sociales que tienen la intención de cambiar nuestra cultura americana, volver a escribir la historia de América y descreditar la Constitución. Su critica se considera sin fundamento dada las altas calificaciones que el sistema escolar público de Collier County ha constantemente recibido de organismos de acreditación.

Esta propuesta, promovida por el movimiento ultraderechista del partido republicano, acusa que nuevas adversas ideologías intentan la destrucción de la cultura e historia americana y que sus orígenes se encuentran en los movimientos del comunismo, socialismo, Marxismo, y humanismo secular. El paradojo es que estas ponencias de la ultraderecha intentan borrar mucha de la historia étnica y racial del país y no permiten un libre dialogo de temas socio políticos y socio económicos en centros académicos y educativos. Por lo tanto, presentan un peligro a nuestra democracia.

El Partido Demócrata del Condado de Collier se opone a este tipo de intervenciones en la educación que politizan y polarizan el sistema de educación pública. Se consideran impedimentos para el derecho de todo niño, niña y adolescente a tener acceso a una educación de calidad. Además, son un abandono de un sistema que incorpora intencionalmente la diversidad étnica, racial y económica para lograr una ciudadanía inclusiva e integrada con oportunidades amplias e iguales, incluidas las sociales, profesionales y económicas.

El derecho de aborto y cuidado de salud – Campaña de Peticiones

  • El Partido Demócrata de Collier County apoya la actual campaña de peticiones para incluir en la elección de noviembre del 2024 un referéndum para una enmienda a la constitución del Estado de la Florida para codificar el “derecho de reproducción” en ley que explícitamente prohíbe la implementación de leyes que prohíben, atrasan o restringen acceso al aborto.

  • El Partido Demócrata hace un llamado a todos los ciudadanos registrados como votantes en Collier County para que completen y firmen una copia de la petición para codificar el derecho de las mujeres para tener acceso al aborto. Estas peticiones se encuentran en los siguientes lugares:

En el website y la oficina central del Partido Demócrata de Collier County:

En el website de la organización titulada Floridians Protecting Freedom:

En los antemencionados websites están definidas las instrucciones para completar cada petición y donde deben ser entregadas o enviadas.

Campañas Electorales del 2024 – Fiesta Para Donaciones y Recaudación de Fondos del Partido Demócrata de Collier County

El Partido Demócrata de Collier County ha comenzado su programa para recaudar fondos para las campañas electorales del 2024

El próximo evento social, un “Happy Hour in the Garden”, está programado para el 7 de noviembre, de 4 -6 pm, en el Ridgway Bar and Grill, ubicado en 1300 3rd St., Naples, FL 34102.

  • Converse con lideres y amigos del Partido
  • Ridgeway Bar está localizado en el centro de Naples
  • Boletos de entrada son $40 por persona, más un Cash Bar.
  • Los boletos pueden ser adquiridos aquí

Democratic Caucus and Club News and Events!

Collier County Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (CCDECF)

The CCDECF has a mission to elect candidates at the local, state and national level who will promote sound environmental policies. To do this, our Caucus engages in activities that educate voters and candidates about best approaches to our environmental challenges.

A Note from the CCDECF President

With the fall already in full swing, the state environmental caucus (DECF), and our chapter, the Collier County DECF, are both gearing up for the 2024 election season.

And we have a lot to do.

Water quality, extreme heat, catastrophic storms, and their impact on homeowner’s insurance availability and costs are just some of the environmental challenges that are impacting our daily lives in Florida. Our electoral activities are ambitious. To help us focus on the environmental issues that matter most to you, the voters, we are asking you to please complete the Collier DECF Community Survey.

As always, thank you for your support and we hope to see you soon! Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 17; join our mailing list by emailing to receive the details.

Legislative Action Committee

The state caucus (DECF) will be working with Florida legislators as environmental legislation is proposed and voted on in this legislative session. Our DECF Legislative Action Committee will be evaluating legislation as it is proposed, and help lawmakers understand the environmental consequences.

  • Do you want to help our state caucus develop a Florida Democratic Environmental Platform?
  • Is there an issue that is important to you?
  • Do you like to write, or conduct research?

If so, please reach out to Judy Frieberg ( to discuss how you can help support these efforts. This can be done from home on your own time.

Support Florida’s Right to Clean Water Amendment

The DECF is committed to supporting the effort to get the Right to Clean Water Amendment added to the Florida Constitution because we believe clean water is a critical component of our environment and that our elected officials have failed to protect the health and vitality of our waterways.

How you can help:

  1. Sign the Right to Clean Water amendment Petition Form and share with your friends & family (petitions must be printed and signed by FL registered voters)
  2. Watch the Intro to the Florida Right to Clean Water YouTube video.
  3. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper in support of the amendment.
  4. Volunteer with CCDECF and help us collect signed petitions across Collier County.

Liz Sunderland
President CCDECF

Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn!

Collier County Democratic Club

Melissa Blazier, Collier County Supervisor of Elections, will discuss current voting laws and ballot petitions. She was appointed as Collier County Supervisor of Elections in May 2023 and has worked for the Supervisor of Elections office since 2006, most recently serving as Chief Deputy Supervisor of Elections under Jennifer J. Edwards.

Melissa Blazier

Ms Blazier is running for election in November 2024.

The meeting will be held on Monday, October 16, from 6:00-7:30 pm. Register here.

Democratic Women’s Club of Marco

The next meeting of DWC Marco will take place on Tuesday, October 10, from 5:00 – 6:30 pm in person at Mackle Park Community Center, 1361 Andalusia Terrace (Marco Island).

David Silverberg

Our featured speaker, David Silverberg, veteran journalist who now writes The Paradise Progressive, will speak on what’s happening in Southwest Florida and how upcoming local elections will affect us all. If you have read his blog, you will know that he will be a thought-provoking and insightful speaker!

Our meeting will also include an envelope stuffing activity to reach out to 196 newly registered Democrats.

JOIN US! Doors open for sign in at 4:45pm, and we begin promptly at 5:00pm. Please be on time.

Community members interested in joining the club and promoting our Democratic values while supporting its charitable efforts can go to or contact us at


Learn About the Party and All the Volunteer Opportunities!

Come to an orientation session to learn about the Collier County Democratic Party and join our dedicated group of volunteers.

There is lots of work to be done as we approach the 2024 Election and WE NEED YOU!

There are many opportunities to choose from; contribute your time and talent to an activity you select.

CLICK HERE to register for an orientation session to learn about the organization and the multiple Committees that advance our mission. If you cannot find a time that works for you, contact Vickie McCormick at and she will find a time that fits into your schedule.

Support our Local Podcast!​

Don’t miss out on the conversation.

The Collier Democratic Roundup podcast dives into issues important to Collier County and to Florida. Find it at the bottom of the home page or on Spotify.

The podcast is produced by former DEC Vice Chair, Jeff Spencer, and he’s seeking volunteers. If you can help coordinate contacts and schedules, and/or if you can help with audio editing, please contact Jeff Spencer and help us keep the conversation going.

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