The Collier County Democratic Party does not endorse and support Democratic candidates until the general election. Candidate information, upcoming candidate forums or important information about issues in upcoming elections or legislation will be updated on this Candidate page as it becomes available.

In the meantime…get ready to VOTE!

2022 post-election analysis shows that the landslide victories in statewide races (governor, senator, state cabinet members) happened because Democrats stayed home.

Possible reasons for our poor turnout include lackluster candidates, poor performance by the state party, and disruptions from hurricane Ian. Heavily gerrymandered districts at the state and local levels have resulted in “safe” seats where incumbents ran unopposed, dampening voter enthusiasm.

Help Avoid a Repeat in 2024!

In today’s Florida, Republicans outnumber Democrats by a mere 3%. That means Florida is still a swing state. We just need to improve our voter turnout and bring a few independents with us.

How You Can Help

Due to voter suppression laws passed in 2021, EVERY FLORIDIAN WAS KICKED OFF THE VOTE-BY-MAIL ROLLS AT THE END OF 2022.

Even if you have voted by mail in the past you will not receive another mail ballot unless you submit a new request.


Voting by mail is a proven winner. Here in Collier County, 79% of Democrats who requested a mail ballot actually voted, as compared to a disappointing 54% turnout for in-person voting. Year after year, statistics show that people who request a mail ballot are far more likely to vote. DO NOT WAIT for the next election! Request your mail ballot now even if you intend to vote in person.

Elections Guide

Primary Election – August 20, 2024

During the Primary Election, electors will vote for state and federal representatives (outside of the presidency) within their party affiliations. If opposed within their own parties, United States Senators, Representatives in Congress, State Representatives and State Senators will be on the ballot.

Also – if opposed within their party – the five constitutional officers will appear on the ballot: the Clerk of Courts, Property Appraiser, Sheriff, Supervisor of Elections and Tax Collector.

Voters may also see county commissioners and precinct committeemen and women depending on their jurisdiction.

Voters may also see nonpartisan contests including judges, school board members and local referenda items.

Because Florida is a closed primary state, voters may only vote within their party. The winning candidates of the Primary Election, who see opposition from another party, will then move on to the General Election in November.

In the event only one party has candidates for a particular election it becomes a Universal Primary. In that instance, all qualified electors may vote regardless of their party affiliation and the election is decided during the primary.

General Election – November 5, 2024

The General Election ballot will list the candidates for the presidency and the winning candidates of the August Primary Election.

During this election, voters will have the opportunity to vote for a candidate regardless of their party affiliation.

Voters will also vote on statewide amendments and – based on their jurisdiction – local district seats such as Mosquito Control and Fire Districts.

Voters residing within the City of Marco Island city limits will also see their city council contest on their ballot.