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The Collier County Democratic Party does not endorse and support Democratic candidates until the general election. You can find candidate information, upcoming candidate forums or important information about issues in upcoming elections or legislation on our Candidate page.

Florida is a closed primary election state. During the primary you can only vote for candidates of the political party you are registered. There may only be a few Democratic candidates running against each other in the primary, except in the Presidential primary.

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Checking your voter information is quick and easy on the on the Collier County Supervisor of Elections web site.

You can:

  • Review and update your voter registration information

  • See your voter activity for the past 12 months

  • View your Vote-by-Mail ballot requests and track your ballot status

  • Find out where you vote on Election Day

  • Find a personalized sample ballot

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Any registered voter can vote by mail. Formerly known as “absentee voting,” voters no longer need an excuse to cast their ballot by mail. Voting by mail is an easy and convenient way to make your voice heard in the next election. Voters can request their Vote-by-Mail ballot online or by contacting the Supervisor of Elections office. For more information or to register to vote by mail, please click the button below.

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The precinct you live in determines which races will appear on your ballot and where you vote on Election Day. Use the Collier County Supervisor of Elections Precinct Finder link above to view your precinct, polling location, and address. Registered voters who vote on Election Day must cast their ballot at their assigned precinct.

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Keep informed about upcoming elections. Your vote matters!

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Who are your elected officials currently in office? Click the button below to find out!

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