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June 2024

Letter from the Chair

There are 80 days before the August 20th Primary. In addition to being informed about the candidates, having a plan to vote is crucial for ensuring that every eligible voice is heard on election day.

Each candidate represents a set of policies, values, and visions for the future. Know who you are voting for. Our Board of County Commissioners could fall to Christian Nationalists who are intent on subverting and destroying the Constitution. The fate of Collier County depends on you!

Public Education in Collier County is on the chopping block. Our historically non-partisan public school board is at risk. In 2022 the extreme faction of the Republican Party took over three school board seats. As a result, we tragically lost three dedicated school board members and a committed school superintendent, all dedicated to providing our children with the finest education. We now have two of the most conservative members on the school board wanting to bring corporal punishment and prayer back into our schools.

YOU get to decide whether our children are taught an honest education and who are free to pray or not, or if they must “stand for the flag and kneel for the cross.” Our children deserve an education that doesn’t involve school shooter drills or armed teachers. The fate of Public Education in Collier County depends on you. YOUR vote matters!!

Having your vote matter takes having a plan to vote. Voting can sometimes be hindered by logistical challenges such as long lines, work schedules, or transportation issues. By planning ahead, you can identify and mitigate potential obstacles. Know the location of your polling place, understand the hours of operation, or arrange transportation to the polls. Whether you vote by mail, during the early voting period, or on election day, please have a plan! If you have questions about voting locations, voting days or times, or candidates, please call our headquarters, and our staff will be happy to assist you.

If you intend to use Vote By Mail (VBM), please make sure that you request your ballot now. All voters that signed up prior to 2022 must now request a ballot for 2024. Call the Supervisor of Elections office at 239-252-8683 or visit to check and confirm your voter registration and to request a VBM ballot.

Democrats Make Life Better For All Of Us!
The Collier County Democratic Party is a donor-funded, all volunteer organization. By donating just $20.24, or whatever amount you are able to contribute, you will support our mission to elect Democrats at all levels, to ensure free and fair elections for all eligible voters, and protect your personal liberties. Please consider making this a monthly donation to our cause. Visit or click the button on the right.

Thank you!

Let’s reach more voters – DONATE NOW!
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Collier County Democratic Executive Committee

The Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) will meet

JUNE 5, 2024 – 5:30 PM Meet & Greet, 6:30 PM Meeting
at Collier County Democratic Party Headquarters

600 Goodlette Road #110, Naples FL 34102

The DEC is the local official arm of the Florida Democratic Party and is comprised of elected Committeemen and Women. Official meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM. We will hold a public Meet & Greet at 5:30 PM at our June meeting. Please join us!

All registered Democrats may attend and observe as guests, and all attendees must register ahead of time. Only DEC members may vote and participate in the meeting. Attendees are encouraged to join 10 minutes early to get settled before the meeting begins.

To learn more about the Collier County Democratic Party, join us at one of our Saturday morning
“Welcome to the Party” virtual sessions! See below.

Collier County Democratic Executive Committee

INTRODUCTION to the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC)

Upcoming “Welcome to the Party” Events!

JUNE 1st & 15th, 2024 – 11:00 – 12:30
Virtual via Zoom

Please register to receive link to join our Zoom online session!

Join other Democrats for this Virtual program that will introduce (or re-introduce) you to the Collier County Democratic Party, including our clubs, caucuses, and committees. You will also learn about how you can get more involved to help us protect our democracy in the 2024 election.

Because this is a virtual program, you can participate from anywhere. We also have volunteer activities you can do from wherever you are located.

Pick the date that works for you. After you register, you’ll receive an email with information about how to attend the event.

We look forward to seeing you!

Collier County Democratic Club
The Collier County Democratic Club (CCDC) will meet
JUNE 10, 2024 – 4:30-6:30 PM
494 5th Ave S, Naples FL 34102

June – August 2024!

All Democrats Welcome. Please Join us!

Let’s head to 5th Avenue to mingle with like-minded folks at Del Mar for a fun Happy Hour Monday June 10th from 4:30pm-6:30pm. Del Mar offers Mediterranean inspired coastal cuisine…Bits and Spreads as well as Flat Breads are half off; Beer $5, Bollini Pinot Grigio $7 and D’Asti Barbera (Italian Red) $9 (or all wines $5 off).

It should be easy to go downtown again! We will be on the 2nd floor.

Street parking or closest lot is on Park and 6th Street – next to the Woman’s Club.
Democratic Women's Club of Marco
The Democratic Women‘s Club of Marco (DWC Marco) will meet
JUNE 11, 2024 – 5:00-6:30 PM

Online Meeting Via ZOOM – Please register to receive the link to join our Zoom session!

Featuring Florida House Representative Anna Eskamani, from Florida’s 42nd District

Anna is a bold and unapologetic fighter for Florida families and everyday people. Born and raised in Orlando she’s the daughter of working class immigrants who came to Florida from Iran in search of the American Dream.

A bridge builder, Anna flipped her legislative seat in 2018 and won her re-election by an overwhelming majority in 2020 and 2022. She made history as the first Iranian-American elected to any public office in Florida and has championed critical issues like economic justice, environmental protection, equality for all, funding for public schools, human trafficking and sexual assault prevention, and support of arts and culture funding. A track record of kind sacrifice, endless hard work, and iron-clad values, Anna is known across the state and nation as a leader who is unbothered, unbossed, and committed to the people of Florida.

Members and guests welcome! Click the registration button at left and JOIN US!
Zoom will open at 4:45pm, and the meeting will begin promptly at 5:00pm. Please be on time.

Community members interested in joining the club and promoting our Democratic values while supporting its charitable efforts can go to or contact us at

Collier County Democratic Environmental Caucus
The Collier County Democratic Environmental Caucus

The Collier County chapter of the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (CCDECF) is engaged in several activities. One crucial activity is recruiting Democratic candidates, to ensure that no Republican runs unopposed in any state or federal election.

This strategy is a vital way to support the Biden/Harris campaign, defeat Rick Scott, and the Republican supermajority in the state house. Please watch this 4 min video to learn more.

In Collier County, our chapter of the DECF has successfully recruited candidates in state legislative districts 81 and 82.  All 3 house districts (80, 81, 82) and both congressional districts (19, 26) are filled. Read about these candidates and how you can support them, below.

Please donate to our statewide effort, 140 Blue Florida, set up to help our environmental candidates in districts all over Florida. 

State House District 81: Charles Work – to support Charles Work donate here
Charles (Chuck) Work is running in State House District 81. Chuck is a retired attorney. He and his wife worked for Republican administrations while in D.C. Chuck was a registered Republican who worked for Hillary Clinton in 2016, then changed his registration to Democrat after Jan. 6.

State House District 82: Arthur Osland – to support Arthur Osland donate here.
Arthur Osland is running in State House District 82.  Arthur is on the board of his HOA, and on the board of our Collier County DECF Chapter.  His passion is environmental advocacy.

State House District 80: Mitchel Schlayer to support Mitchel Schlayer donate hereTo learn more about Mitchel Schlayer, visit:  Home | Mitchel Schlayer For (

Congressional District 19: Kari Lerner – learn more about Kari and how to support her at

Congressional District 26: Joey Atkins – follow Joey on Instagram or contact him at

Look for ways to support these four Democrats! Certainly with your vote, but also with your volunteer time and/or your donations, to help them bring their message to voters.

Join us at Pride Fest & Juneteenth!
We are still looking for volunteers to sit at our table. Contact Judy Freiberg via email or phone (314) 409-9548, if you can spare a few hours to represent the Collier County chapter of the DECF. If you can’t volunteer, we still encourage you to come by and visit!
If you are interested in information about any of our activities at the county or state level, contact Judy Freiberg.
Naples Pride Fest 2024
Join the Collier County Democratic Party at Naples Pride Fest

JUNE 8, 2024 – 11 AM – 5 PM – Cambier Park
755 8th Avenue South

Admission: $10, kids 12-under free. All proceeds benefit Naples Pride activities.

VOLUNTEER with Collier Dems at Naples Pride

VOTER REGISTRATION with Collier Dems at Naples Pride

VOLUNTEER with Naples Pride

Naples Juneteenth 2024
Join the Collier County Democratic Party at
Naples Juneteenth Celebration!

JUNE 15, 202411:00 – 4:00 – River Park
301 11th Street, Naples

Also seeking shifts of volunteers to help with voter registration at the event!

We will have 2 shifts of a tabling and walk-the-crowd event to register voters, encourage them to set up vote by mail and sign the Clean Water petition. We will also hand out leaflets for the marijuana and abortion amendments that will appear on your 2024 Ballot.

Wear your finest Democratic regalia and come prepared for sun and heat. Bring a hat!

You must be trained to do Voter Registration. VOLUNTEER NOW if you wish to participate in voter registration. (Click the VOLUNTEER BUTTON at left)
NOTE: you must be a registered Democrat to represent the Democratic Party! We know that some of you have changed your party to vote in the Republican election at the August 20 Primaries. If you still want to help, contact Katie McNutt and we will figure out a way for you to stay involved. You could hand out leaflets and get signatures on the Clean Water petition, for example.

We want to make the best use of your passion and commitment to our Democratic values.

ONGOING MEETINGS – Make your voice heard in local government!

Collier County Board of County Commissioners

Collier County School Board

Naples City Council

junio 1, 2024

Negar y Destruir los Pilares de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos, Sus Libertades Democráticas y sus Claves Programas Sociales NO es el Futuro Esperado por la Mayoría de los Ciudadanos Hispanos y Estadounidenses


¡Únase a nosotros para dar forma al futuro del condado de Collier! Buscamos personas apasionadas para representar a su comunidad en el Partido Demócrata del condado de Collier. Sea la voz que su vecindario merece. Juntos, construyamos una comunidad más fuerte e inclusiva. Comuníquese con el oficial ejecutivo local del partido para obtener más información e involucrarse por medio del siguiente email:

Facebook Cuenta Oficial en español del Partido Demócrata de Florida.

Looking for ways you can help out in this extremely important election year? We need all hands on deck!
Join one of our online Saturday morning “Welcome to the Collier Dems Party” virtual programs to learn how the Democratic Party works in Collier County, and about the many volunteer opportunities.

Whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert, have very little or a whole lot of time to give, the contribution of your expertise and patriotism will be invaluable.

Can’t make a commitment of time right now? Consider a donation to support our efforts, instead.

The Collier County Democratic Party is an all-volunteer, donor-funded organization.
Your donations allow us to support Democratic candidates, prepare election materials for distribution to voters, help fund our voter registration and vote-by-mail efforts, and allow us to maintain a local party headquarters for use by volunteers and candidates. Collier Dems HQ is located at 600 Goodlette Road, #110, Naples, FL 34102 and is staffed by volunteers like you.



Work remotely from anywhere via phone or computer, (great for our friends up north!) or on the ground right here in Collier County; various opportunities exist. Specifically, the committee currently needs volunteers for texting (replying to bulk texts) and phone banking.


Your Collier County Democratic organizations, led by the Collier County Democratic Party, are holding fun and informative social events for registered Democrats in neighborhoods all over Collier County. 

Attendees have been surprised to learn how many neighbors share our values, while we all have the opportunity to socialize and learn about local elections, upcoming School Board races in the August primary, and issues that will be on the ballot in November.

Thank you to our individual hosts and the volunteers helping to bring these parties to you.  

If you enjoy putting on parties, learn what you can do to help:  Join our Meet and Greet Team!!! · Collier County DEC

If you are considering putting on a party for your Democratic neighbors, learn how we help you host your own meet and greet:   Party with Fellow Democrats (Party with the Party) · Collier County DEC. See you at the Party!


We are seeking leaders in each precinct to reach out to fellow Democrats in their precinct.

Training and assistance provided.

The Democratic Party of Collier County is looking for leaders in each of our 66 precincts to reach out to Democrats who live in their precincts. (Your precinct number is on your voter registration card or can be found online at

Once you become a Precinct Committee Person you will receive a list of Democrats in your precinct. You will be trained on the most effective way to connect with your fellow Democrats, keeping them informed on important issues, and encouraging them to vote in every election.

In addition, you will become a voting member of the Democratic Party of Collier County and attend our monthly meetings. This will give YOU a greater voice in the Democratic Party!

To qualify, you must file Form DS-DE 305C with the Collier County Supervisor of Elections by noon on June 14. Only Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) who file the form and win their election will be eligible to run for DEC Officer positions and vote at the December reorganizational meeting.

  • If I am a current DEC member/officer do I need to complete the form? YES
  • Does this form have to be Notarized? YES
  • What happens after I complete the form? Your name will either be placed on a ballot for Democratic Voters in your precinct to vote on or you will win by virtue of there being no opposition. Only the names of candidates with opposition in their precinct will appear on the August 20, 2024, Primary Election ballot. There is no run-off election for these positions.
  • What is the name of the form I am completing? DSDE 305C Candidate Oath
  • How many PCP spots are up for election in my Precinct? The Collier County DEC Bylaws stipulate that each Precinct have one man and one woman as Precinct Committee Persons. In a Presidential election year, all PCP spots are available for new or returning PCPs.
  • Should I recruit new members to join? Yes, we always are asking for new members to join regardless of timing. PCPs are the Backbone of the DEC. Strong DECs make for a stronger Florida Democratic Party.
  • What about the FDP Diversity & Inclusion Goals? We aim to have a DEC that reflects the diversity of our county. It is always our goal to recruit diverse DEC members. Diversity is our strength. We strive to recruit those that are traditionally under represented in party affairs.

The Collier County Democratic Executive Committee (CCDEC) is the official, local county arm of the Florida Democratic Party. The CCDEC has oversight over all Democratic Party activities within Collier County. LEARN MORE


Your Collier County Democratic Party is an all-volunteer donor-funded organization. Your donations allow us to support Democratic candidates, prepare election materials for distribution to voters, help fund our vote-by-mail and voter registration efforts, and allow us to maintain a local party headquarters for the use of volunteers and candidates.

Can you donate just $20.24 today for our 2024 Victory Fund? Thank you!
HELP US #AmplifyYourVoice!
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