Reproductive Freedom

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Freedom And Privacy Of Your Reproductive Healthcare Descisions!


When Roe v. Wade was overturned, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representative passed the Women’s Health Protection Act. It will restore the right for you and your family to make reproductive health care decisions in private, and in consultation with your doctor. The Act is being blocked by Senate Republicans who are obstructing your freedom for health care choices and privacy rights.

As these restrictive abortion bans are adopted by Republican controlled states across the country, the consequences are coming to light:

  • Extreme bans are forcing families to carry a pregnancy to term even in cases of rape, incest, human trafficking, or when the person’s life is at risk.
  • Families’ economic security is being threatened by government-forced births.
  • People are being forced to delay other lifesaving procedures because doctors are concerned with the potential of criminal liability.
  • Use of the “abortion pill” and other forms of contraception are being banned.
  • People’s right to travel for reproductive health care is being criminalized.

Here in Florida, Governor DeSantis and our Republican controlled legislature have promised to eliminate our right to reproductive freedom through their politically calculated policy of government-mandated forced births. If Governor DeSantis is re-elected, we will lose more fundamental freedoms and basic rights.


Vote to restore your right to freedom and privacy and let the Republican minority know that they can no longer block the will of the American people.

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