Amplify your Voice in Collier County…and Florida

There’s only one party fighting to make sure “we, the people” (all the people) have a chance to succeed. The Collier County Democratic Party needs your help. We are the LAST STAND, in southwest Florida, against the mantra of party over people. We are your voice and more importantly, with your help, we can affect a change in statewide elections and policy. The only way we can do that is with your help. Learn more about the Collier County Democratic Party and how you can make a difference in 2024 and beyond.


Since the 1930s, the Democratic Party’s core beliefs remain rooted in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence,
and the Bill of Rights,
promoting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every American.

We stand for equality, opportunity, and justice, creating a fair market-oriented economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful.
We’re committed to investing in our future: education, healthcare, infrastructure, and protecting our environment.
We support a strong social safety net for those who need it most.
Democrats embrace an inclusive view of our diverse society where every American has an equal opportunity to succeed.

We invite you to stand with us and VOTE!


Democratic Talking Points to VIEW, SAVE, SHARE, and PRINT

CollierDems.org/FYI Brush up on the issues you care about and share your Democratic views more easily with friends, family, and colleagues!

Protestor holding sign that reads "We Need A Change"


Are you ready to vote?

In the 2020 election over 91% of registered Democrats in Collier County voted – that’s the highest Democratic voter turn-out in the State! In 2024 we not only need to meet or exceed that, but we also must register more Democrats.


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