In a time of rising unrest and conflict worldwide, Democrats are stabilizing the effects that world markets have on our family budgets, creating new jobs and protecting workers’ rights, investing in the future of our country’s infrastructure, protecting the environment that sustains life, governing despite continual attempts to shut down our federal agencies, and holding accountable those both at home and abroad who seek to undermine democracy and our inalienable human rights.

This page represents the efforts of your Collier County neighbors to document the disparity between Democrats and the extremists who’ve consumed the Republican party. Want to help hold the line for freedom, democracy, and human rights? Confirm your voter registration. Request your 2024 Vote-by-Mail ballot now, even if you plan to vote in person, keep that option open for yourself. Vote for Democratic candidates in local, state, and federal elections. Tell your friends and family why they should do the same. Volunteer to stand with us – there are many ways to help. Donate to support our fight for everyday Americans.

2024 will be the most historic election of our lifetimes, as our democratic republic hangs in the balance. Please stand with us. #StrongerTogether