NAPLES, FL – August 15, 2022: When Republican-endorsed school board candidate, Tim Moshier was presented with evidence that his campaign manager posted antisemitic content on multiple accounts across multiple social media platforms, Moshier said he did not see a problem with the content and when asked if he would condemn antisemitism, the school board candidate said he had no comment.

Alarmed by this impotent response to hatemongering, the Collier County Democratic Party called on the Collier County Republican Party to withdraw support of Moshier’s candidacy. There was no response.

On the heels of inaction by the Republican Party to these events, Annisa Karim, Chairwoman of the Collier County Democratic Party stated, “Sheltering hate is analogous to spreading hate. To continue to support a candidate that has no problem with his campaign team posting antisemitic content is outrageous and dangerous. Tim Moshier should withdraw his candidacy immediately. We entrust School Board members to make the best decisions on behalf of our children– regardless of their religion, color, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. We cannot and should not entrust someone who condones hate speech to be a public servant.”

Chairwoman Karim went on to say, “No community is immune to bigotry, so when we see it, we must stand against it, no matter the political cost. We must emphatically denounce all forms of discrimination, and those who are not bold enough to do so should not be leaders in our community.”