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Keep Education Nonpartisan

Extreme partisan candidates are running to replace the current nonpartisan Collier County School Board with the agenda of banning books, censoring classroom discussions, and promoting extreme ideology in curriculum.

The school board election is nonpartisan, which means that every Collier County voter can cast a vote for each of the three district races in the August primary, and our kids need your vote!

Current/incumbent school board members have listened to all concerns at school board meetings and have put a process in place to ensure that partisan ideology is kept out of the curriculum.

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Vote in the August 23rd Primary!

Collier County Democratic Party supports Dr. Arthur Boyer in District 5

No Democratic candidates are running in Districts 1 and 3. Please educate yourself so that nonpartisan incumbents aren’t replaced by extreme partisan candidates by viewing these links:

Deadline to request your mail-in ballot is 5:00 PM August 13th.

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