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Florida Candidates Call on Governor to Address Ballot Concerns

Candidates from across the state are coming together to ask Gov. Ron DeSantis and Secretary of State Laurel Lee to address the ballot requirements for the primary election.

DeSantis Knew Unemployment System Was Broken; It Still Is; Federal Benefits in Peril

Tens of thousands of Floridians may have no way of getting their federal unemployment benefit during the pandemic because of a huge state government failure.

Democrats to Text One Million Floridians to Vote By Mail

The Democratic National Committee is launching a text message campaign in Florida asking voters to switch to vote-by-mail ballots, as voter registration organizations continue to shift methods and goals amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the Pandemic, We Have Work We Can — and Must — Accomplish Together

Now, more than ever, we must push #ForwardTogether to work on electing true leaders. We won’t let the Coronavirus stop us!

Coronavirus Update: DeSantis Nees to ‘Act Like You Give a Damn’

Miami Herald editorial slams DeSantis for his faltering performance in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in Florida. ‘Act like you give a damn,’ editorial says.

Winners and Losers Among Bills in the Florida Legislature

Winners and losters in the Florida legislative sessions include pay raises for the state’s teachers and new restrictions on abortions. Listiting of some of the results here.

We Must Take Decisive Action to Stem the Coronavirus Pandemic

The American government has failed to act aggressively enough in the face of a pandemic. The Democratic Party calls on leaders to take more decisive action.

Collier County Democrats Congratulate Joe Biden

Collier County Democratic Chair Annisa Karim congratulates Joe Biden on his victory in the Florida Democratic Presidential Preference Primary.

Our April Gala has Been Postponed to October 9

The Democratic Party’s annual gala has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, but it has been rescheduled for October 9.

Democratic Headquarters Closing due to Coronavirus

Democratic Party Headquarters will be temporarily closed, but our work will continue thanks to our tireless volunteers.

Coronavirus Causes Democratic Clubs and Caucuses to Cancel Meetings

The coronavirus (COVID 19) is prompting cancellations including the March meetings of the CCDC, Collier Progressives, and Democratic Women’s Club.

Help Us Restore Democratic Voters Who Have Been Rendered Inactive

Help us restore Democrats to their active voting status. This is a crucial initiative and we need your assistance.

Newsletter Now Available on CollierDems Website

2020 is upon us and the Collier Democratic Party has a busy year ahead. Keep up with everything that’s happening in our newsletter.

The Most Powerful Voting Block: 100 Million Non-Voters

In Collier County, we are focused on registering Democrats to vote. This study, part of The 100 Million Project, shows why this effort is so urgent. Click the link for the video.

Democrats Celebrate Historic 5 Million Active Registered Dems

Making history, the Florida Democratic Party announced that we now have more than 5 million registered Democrats in Florida.

Cyber Attacks and Voting Errors Threaten Security of 2020 Election

Electronic voting equipment failures and cyber attacks from Russia and other countries pose serious threats to the 2020 elections, election security analysts and key Democrats warn.

Save the Date–April 10–For Our Annual Gala

On April 10, 2020, the Collier County Democratic Party will celebrate the centennial of winning women’s right to vote.

Florida Voters Will Get to Vote on $15 an Hour Minimum Wage

Voters in the battleground state of Florida will decide in November 2020 whether to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Congressional Members from Florida Share Their Impeachment Views

Democrats from Florida share their views on why President Trump needed to be impeached in this roundup of comments.

UPDATE: House Did Its Duty by Impeaching Donald Trump

For only the third time in U.S. history, the House is about to impeach a president. Annisa Karim: ‘Congress has a duty to act.’

Impeachment Report: Trump Sought Foreign Election Interference

House Intelligence Committee issues 300-page report accusing Donald Trump of trying to persuade a foreign country to interfere with an American election.

December Newsletter Now Available on CollierDems Website

The monthly Collier County Democratic Party newsletter is now available online and on Facebook.

Democrats Call Out Trump For Harm He’s Inflicted on Florida

Florida Democrats speak out on eve of Trump’s so-called homecoming visit to Florida and decry the damage he is doing to our state.

Florida Has a New Resident Named Trump; Let’s Give Him a Big Unwelcome

Donald Trump is moving to Florida, but we’ve got a message for him: We will defeat him in 2020 no matter where he lives.

Climate Change Strategy Should be a Bipartisan Concern

Climate change is real, but we should be learly of exaggerations at opposite ends of political spectrum, speaker cautions.

Democratic Primary Elections Shaping Up in Southwest Florida

With recent announcements, at least two SWFL seats up for grabs in 2020 may force primaries among Democrats.

Francis Rooney Announces His Retirement, Leaves SWFL House Seat Open

Francis Rooney, who represents coastal Collier County in the U.S. House of Representatives, has announced his retirement.

Rooney Surprised by Etch A Sketch Moment in Trump Ukraine Scandal

Republicans, including Francis Rooney, surprised by White House aide’s Etch A Sketch admission of quid pro quo in Ukraine scandal.

Democrats Praise Federal Judge’s Decision Striking Down Illegal Florida Poll Tax

Florida will not be allowed to block ex-felons who cannot afford to pay certain court fees from registering to vote or voting, a federal judge ruled.

Terrie Rizzo Exhorts Democratic Values, Slams ‘Axis of Corruption’

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo exhorts values, condemns Republican ‘Axis of Corruption’ at state convention in Orlando.

Cindy Banyai’s Congressional Campaign Attracts News Media

Democrat Cindy Banyai is challenging U.S. Rep. Francis Rooney in Florida’s 19th Congressional District. She’s attracting media attention.

Tell Us What Issues Keep You Up At Night: Take Our Survey

What are the issues that you care the most about heading into the 2020 election? Tell us what you think in this online poll.

New Tool Helps Grassroots Donors Sponsor Voter Registration

The Florida Democratic Party has a new online tool that allows grassroots donors to apply small donations to send voter registration forms.

Florida Democrats Stand Behind Pelosi’s Impeachment Decision

Florida Democrats stand behind Nancy Pelosi’s decision to open formal impeachment inquiries against Trump.

DeSantis Closes Voter Registration; Dems Force Him to Re-Open

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo thwarts Republican voter suppression effort by calling out DeSantis.

From Naples to Around the World, Millions Strike for Climate

Millions of people around the world took part in Friday’s climate strike, and estimates of crowd sizes are rising — some as high as 4 million.

Trump’s Florida Field General Kneecapped over Leaked Memos

Donald Trump sacked his Florida field general after Gov. Ron DeSantis suspected she bore responsibility for a leak.

Battle over Voting Rights for Released Felons Heats Up

The legal battle lines are solidifying over how Florida’s restoration of felons’ voting rights should be implemented.


Pressed for time? Keep up with the news with this quick roundup that links to stories from around the state of Florida.

Want to Ban Assault Weapons? Sign This Petition

Attorney General Ashley Moody, is trying to derail a statewide petition drive that would put an assault weapons ban on the 2020 ballot.

Florida Democratic Party Expands Presence in Tallahassee

The Democratic Party arty has announced the purchase of new office space in Tallahassee just blocks away from the State Capitol.

David Holden to Lead Environmental Caucus in Collier

David Holden has been elected chair of the newly formed Collier County chapter of the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida.

We Must Continue to Fight Efforts to Suppress Voting

As we celebrate the 99th anniversary of women’s right to vote, we must still fight those who would deny voting rights to others.

Collier Democrats Deplore Trump’s Racist Remarks

Trump’s racist tweets are a disgrace and unfitting of the president of the United States. Collier Democrats condemn his remarks.

Collier County Democratic Party Deplores Decision on Gerrymandering

Annisa Karim, Chair of the Collier County Democratic Party, condemns the U.S. Supreme Court’s failure to stop gerrymandering.

Sara McFadden to Run for Florida House District 106

Sara McFadden has declared her intentionm to run for Florida House of Representatives in District 106 in 2020.

Collier Legislative Delegation Gets Fs For It’s Performance

All of Collier County’s state legislators earned failing grades in the annual Florida Progress ‘People First’ Report Card.

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