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OPINION: DeSantis Isn’t Sticking to the Reopening Plan he Endorsed

As we enter week three of Gov. Ron DeSantis’s phased plan for reopening Florida, his office has already deviated from his phase 1 plan by increasing capacity at certain businesses to 50 percent.

OPINION: Opening Up is Good — But it Has to be Done Correctly

Governor DeSantis’s announcement two weeks ago that Florida would be opening back up in three phases was the right step made at the wrong time and in the wrong way.

OPINION: If Trump Were Smart He’d Listen to Biden; Voters Should

By Jeff Spencer Voters across the country believe that the Trump Administration was too slow in responding to the Coronavirus. A new Fox News poll found that 55% of Floridians believe the White House was slow in responding to the Coronavirus. President Trump should have listened to the experts who predicted this would happen. Alternatively,…

OPINION: Trump Should Be Held Accountable for Coronavirus Response

Donald Trump deserves to be held accountable for his leadership failure during the coronavirus pandemic.

OPINION: Trump Has No Plans for You; Only for Himself

There are people dying on Fifth Avenue. Not only should Trump lose votes, but he should lose the election.

OPINION: Don’t Let Trump Hammer Away at Immigrants

It has been commonplace for this administration to have to wade through its own hypocrisy while changing course, but the most recent about face with regard to immigrants is worth noting.

OPINION: Florida Republicans Bear Huge Burden of Guilt

Florida citizens have seen a string of scenarios illustrating just how bad the last twenty years of Republican leadership has been.

OPINION: Republican Policies Responsible For Workers’ Vulnerabilities

Why are so many Americans in dire financial shape? Blame Republicans blocking minimum wage increases and fighting unions.

OPINION: Trump Failed to Prepare for Outbreak Despite Numerous Warnings

My kingdom for a ventilator! People are desperate. But the federal government had a stockpile of ventilators. Then failed to maintain them

OPINION: We Can’t Afford to Deny Science and Bury Our Heads in the Sand

The last two months have reminded us that elections have consequences–and that Republicans do not deal with data well.

OPINION: We Can’t Let Trump Walk Us Off a Dangerous Cliff

Trump’s handling of the pandemic crisis in America is frightening, driven more by polls than science. this has to stop.

OPINION: Trump Bragged About Winning; Well He’s Losing the Coronavirus War

China and South Korea have flattened their curves. Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands have begun to flatten their curves. The United States still has not.