David Holden FL House District 19

David Holden: Francis Rooney Doesn’t Want Congress to be the House of the People

“Florida Congressman Francis Rooney has introduced legislation in Congress that is sneaky, underhanded, anti-democratic, anti-constitutional and subversive of core American values,” Democratic candidate David Holden says. Holden is running for the Democratic Party nomination for the 196h Congressional District, where Rooney is the current incumbent in his first term. Rooney’s bill “would impose a permanent class of ultra-wealthy Representatives and Senators on the nation. All Americans should unite to denounce, oppose, and defeat this hurtful, harmful and dangerous bill and the way it’s being pursued.”

Rick Scott Facing New Scrutiny on Records and Secret Financial Account

Three scandals are already engulfing Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign for U.S. Senate: New reports are shedding light on Scott’s secret financial account, which he used as governor to hide his conflicts of interest and enrich himself. Now that he’s a Senate candidate, when will Scott comply with federal rules that require him to reveal the details of his account?

Elephands and Donkeys

It’s Time to Fight Back Against Republican Gerrymandering

It’s time to fight back against Republican gerrymandering. For years, the GOP has been using rigged maps to silence the voices of millions of Americans. Gerrymandering has given Republicans an unfair and undemocratic advantage in Congress and state legislatures across the country, in states from Texas to Wisconsin to North Carolina to Pennsylvania. It’s allowed the GOP to push an extreme agenda and pass radical laws that go against the will of the people.

Keep USA Stupid

Finance Team Member for GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis Forced to Quit RNC Post

Elliott Broidy, a member of Ron DeSantis’ national finance team, used Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to pay off a former Playboy Model who he impregnated. According to the Wall Street Journal, Cohen “negotiated a deal in late 2017 to pay $1.6 million to a former Playboy model who said she was impregnated by” Broidy. The woman decided to end the pregnancy. In response to the disclosure, Broidy announced he would resign as RNC deputy finance chair.

Lori Berman

It Was a Very Good Week for Democrats in Florida

Florida Democrats saw the largest vote share for any Democrat in the state in over a decade this week with the victory of Senator-elect Lori Berman in the SD 31 Special Election. Following her victory, GOP Congressman Dennis Ross announced his retirement, giving Democrats new hope to win another open congressional seat, while a new poll shows Senator Bill Nelson with a six-point lead over Rick Scott. In the same week, yet another Democrat, Annisa Karim of Collier County, announced her candidacy for Congress.

Club Donkey Democrat

Come Hear From FSW College Democrats at Next Meeting of the Collier County Democratic Club

Autumn Crosely and Kai Williams of Florida SouthWestern State College will be the guest speakers at this month’s meeting of the Collier County Democratic Club. Autumn and Kai will be discussing the FSW Democrats including the club’s goals. They also will report on their recent trip to Washington, D.C. The meeting is April 16. It begins at 6 p.m.